I promise, I had thought of something interesting to write about! But by the time I finished watching Sherlock Season 3 (God, I love it!), wasting time on twitter and facebook and making some work calls (yes babeh, I’m working now!), it stuck me that I was sitting before a computer with some free time and a sleeping toddler. OMG, I could write! Also, I think I need to actively pursue the one and the only thing that can still qualify to be a hobby – writing! So here I am, writing a new post for a brand new year of 2014!


What can I say, there are still so many things to write here. Let me start by saying, the brat turned a year old on th January. We had a big party that weekend for all of our families and friends. A good 70 people attended. The food was supposedly good (was too exhausted to eat well) and the games host was quite nice and entertaining. THANK GOD! You see, neither the husband nor I are really sociable, but we usually manage. But here we were, two people who easily get awkward in crowds throwing a birthday party for their little one! See the irony? Well, me neither. But, whatever. It went well, and was, as been told in these circles, quite a success.

She’s grown up, my little one. The one I still can’t believe I birthed. The one who changed our lives forever. The one who tumbled it upside down while bringing a certain order to it, all at the same time. Her smile lights our day and her tantrums keep me at my wits end, but we learn, we love and we live in the best possible manner known to all of us! We are a family and a happy one at that and I wouldn’t want anything to be changed *touchwood*


So yes, since I can’t think of anything better to write about right now, this is it! 


Happy New Years everyone! May 2014 be the start to the best times in all our lives



Nameless Mom

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