Post 1 – Of Birthdays and Beginnings!

It’s the Husband’s 32nd Birthday! Perfect for starting the blog-a-thon, don’t you think?

I am not a birthday person. I don’t particularly like celebrating them. Gifts are good, because they involve some thought and bring some meaning and are a good way to remind the birthday boy/girl on how much he/she is loved, but big birthday celebrations are not something I subscribe to. Thankfully, the Husband isn’t too hung over on the celebrations part either, but he is definitely BIG on gifts. Usually, i believe in making gifts for him.

Last year, I had made him a HUGE Birthday card which also had a lot of small pictures and memories of both of us. It went down well with the husband. This year, as I had a little more time (or that’s what I had thought) U decided to browse the internet and come up with certain gift ideas. I came across this wonderful website and wanted to really do this, but despite scouring for good, wide plastic playing deck cards, I couldn’t lay my hands on one. So, instead I made 32 mini-cards – 32 little cards with a reason for why I loved him on each of them. He absolutely loved each one of them. This was accompanied by a long love letter.




Now, I am a very “letter person”. By that I mean I love writing letters. Every major occasion in our relationship has had me writing him long, romantic, sometimes emotional letters. Letters are wonderful reminders. They are wonderful mementos. They stay. They have a memory attached, a nostalgic feeling, a sentiment that you can come back to, whenever you visit that letter again. Don’t you think? In today’s world, when e-mail is the norm, not only because it is fast but also because it is so darn convenient, the letter is slowly getting lost. No one writes a letter. Seldom does one get posted or exchange hands. I hope when chubby cheeks grows up and starts school, letter writing will still be a subject in English Literature. There is something about letters that can give you an immediate personal feel – maybe it’s the handwriting, may be it’s the way the thoughts flow, or maybe I am just plain old school. But I can assure you one thing – nothing, and I mean, nothing can make a person feel more special than a handwritten letter.

So, whose the special one in your life? Have you written him/ her a letter yet?


Starting a Blog-a-thon!

I recently read this post on one of my favourite websites and to say I was inspired would be clearly making an understatement. Because let’s face it, there is a reason I am a HUGE fan of this website and it is because Fawn has inspired me to be a better wife each day. And if I can by posting snippets or my take on happy marriages can spread a little goodness in this world, then yeah, why not.

But considering how erratic I am in posting anything on this blog, I have decided to have a blog-a-thon or a blog marathon, wherein I post something every single day for the next 30 days. And I have kept an incentive for myself.

You see, this awesome Happy Wives Website that I have been reading on a daily basis, is seeking contributors. Now, when I looked at their contribution form, it asked me to link up to my best work on the subject of marriage and relationships.

Now, I used to blog occasionally here, before marriage. But post marriage and birth of chubby cheeks, I haven’t really posted anything there nor have I attempted to write something worthwhile other than random post it notes filled with ideas. So, I am going to revisit those notes and write on one of these topics daily weekly. And if I can keep at it for the next 4 weeks, I hope to have some links to fill in the contributors form for the website!

Wish me luck 🙂